About me

I am Rianne van Duin: paper adventurer and professional tinkerer. I invent and create interactive 2D and 3D paper worlds. For children and with children.

My work varies from illustrated pop-up books to life size foldable theater sets, from children’s newspapers to paper animations. Interaction is central to my creations: they stimulate the imagination and invite you to play, manipulate and experience them.

In addition to designing fór children, I work a lot and love working wíth children. In the children’s art projects that I develop, I provide direction and a framework, but I also create enough space for their always surprising own interpretation and input.

I work for publishers, theater productions, museums and festivals, independently or in collaboration with (the work of) illustrators or artists such as Fiep Westendorp, Leo Timmers and Floor Rieder.


Rianne van Duin
+31 (0)6 4132 9336

NDSM Plein 39
1033 WC Amsterdam